Meet The Chihuahua

He’s a friendly little guy and wants very much to please.  He’s famous for being the smallest of the toy breeds, but he has a ton of personality in his tiny little body.  His diminutive features makes him look like a puppy forever, but it’s his great big attitude that makes devoted fans of everyone.

He is clever and a fast learner.  He’ll do well at shows, displaying enthusiasm and pride in a job well done.  Depending on your particular dog, he can also be stubborn – and may require you to persuade him with treats or “clicks” to do as you ask.   If you are using a positive reward system, your friend is likely to do as you ask.  While he will shy away from any type of harsh training, he will LOVE to please his owners and receive the praise he earned.

He is fun loving and zippy.  While it may seem at times that all he wants to do is sleep all day in any sunny window he can find,  he is generally social and loves to get out and meet and greet.  He will likely have a tendency to want to go everywhere you go.  Due to his small size, he will love to be carried around in a soft lined dog carrier, bag or car seat made just for him!  He may form a connection with either a male or a female in your home, but they usually will pick one person as their “go-to” human.   He will love nothing more than to snuggle under a warm blanket with his human of choice anytime, anywhere.

He’s a little escape artist. Sometimes even the most “dog proof” fence proves too easy for our little explorer.  Many a Chi has met a cruel fate with a car, motorcycle or larger dog on what was meant to be a joyful escape outing.  Great focus must be placed on providing your puppy with a SAFE place to romp around and explore without the possibility of injury or escape.


Chihuahuas and toddlers don’t mix.  Small children aren’t able to understand just how fragile their little bones are. Far too many Chi’s have been injured or killed by children who mistakenly shook, dropped or choked a puppy by accident.

His pocket size and perky personality will make him the perfect “take everywhere dog”.  People who own them adore them, even if they have never had a small dog previously.  It’s very common for owners to bring more Chi babies into their homes soon after their first.

He’s likely a yapper.  Yes, it’s true, but that makes him a vigilant watch dog to protect the one he loves, YOU!

Chihuahua or Chiwawa dog? – Which is the correct spelling?  Well, since the history of the breed stems from Chihuahua, Mexico, this spelling is correct. However, much of the world spells it Chiwawa dog.  You will see both spellings referenced in our articles just to be friendly.  We’re sure when you meet the chihuahua you will smile. Enjoy!

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