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Pros and Cons of Chihuahua Adoption

Chihuahua dogs can make wonderful pets.  And Chihuahua adoption is an easy way to bring one into your home.  Before you do though, it’s very important to understand both the Pros and the Cons of ownership before proceeding adoption or rescue.

The Pros:

  • Chihuahuas are adorable.  They are the perpetual puppy.
  •  These little guys are perfect for apartment dwellers. Because of their pocket size, an apartment provides plenty of room for a Chihuahua to move around during the day.  You’ll still need to take them out for walks though!
  • Known for being “yappy”, Chihuahua’s make great watchdogs.  They are territorial, and although not physically frightening, their consistent warning alarm can be very foreboding for a potential burglar.
  • Chihuahua puppies can be taught to use a litter box or artificial grass area.  This is a huge advantage in the middle of the night or on a rainy day!  There is also a wonderful Dog Training Pad that can be purchased that uses “puppy pads” that are scented to encourage your puppy to go.
  • The short hair variety are easy to groom. The long hair type isn’t that difficult either. They need to be bathed and have their nails clipped monthly, but that is about it.
  • In general, when these little guys have good health and feel loved and cared for by their owners, they have a long lifespan.  They can live anywhere from 10-14 years.

Blue Chihuahua Dog

The Cons:

    • Due to their tiny size, Chihuahuas can injure easily. Owners must be very careful not to step on, drop or drop something on top of their little Chi.
    •  Chihuahuas and toddlers don’t mix. Young children may not realize how fragile they are, or may think it is a toy. It’s easy to accidentally drop or step on one. Care must always be taken due to their being so fragile.
    • These dogs do not like cold weather.  They are considered “hairless” and they are true heat-seekers. Most Chi’s hate cold or wet weather and will do just about anything to avoid it.  Care must be taken to ensure your dog has a COVERED bed to snuggle in and warm clothes if brought outside in bad weather.  We like this one.  We like this one best because the top part of the bed, the cover, is heavy enough for the dog to burrow for warmth, and it stays covered.  Some others are too light and do not stay covered.  Or they have a foam insert and it doesn’t actually cover the dog well.
  • Same as number 3 above, these guys due tend to bark – A LOT.  If you live close to neighbors, or can’t tolerate the “warnings”, then this breed may not be your best choice.

Generally, Chihuahuas are friendly, cuddly and fun!  Take care to ensure they are the right choice for your family.  They are one of the most popular breeds abandoned to shelters.  This can be avoided with doing your adoption homework before bringing a  puppy home.

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