My Chihuahua Is Shaking

This is one of the most common questions of new Chiwawa owners: My Chihuahua Is Shaking….Why?  This question leads to the popular follow-up questions, “Is he cold”? “Is he scared?” or “Is she nervous?”  Let’s take a look.

Many Chiwawas do shake because they’re cold. They are usually tiny, and typically they don’t have much fat.  And, some of the short hair varieties are considered “hairless” they have such short coats.  They ancestry of the Chiwawa dog does come from Mexico – so it’s possible they are more acclimated to warmer climates.  One thing is sure, Chiwawa dogs LOVE to be warm, and most will shiver and shake if the room temperature is too chilly for their fragile little bodies.  Most Chiwawas love to bury themselves in a covered bed or under blankets, either in their crate or a dog bed – even in the summer!

Is your Chiwawa scared or nervous?

Being so tiny can’t be easy!  Many Chiwawa dogs shake due to nerves or from being over-excited. Calming the dog down in a calming voice is sometimes all it takes to stop the shivers.  Wrapping your puppy in a warm blanket is very helpful as well.

blue and tan chihuhua puppy

Is your Chiwawa sick?

It can be very frightening to see your tiny Chiwawa puppy shaking.  Being so tiny, Chiwawas tend to be vulnerable to being hypoglycemic.  Low blood sugar can present itself as shaking, especially early in the morning before the dog has been fed.  It is important to provide several small meals for Chiwawa puppies that are available to them when they need it.  Chiwawa puppies that deal with low blood sugar usually grown out of it soon, but if you think this is an issue with your puppy, please talk with your vet about it.

In general, there are several reasons why a Chiwawa will shake.  It does seem to be a common trait in the breed.  Luckily, it usually doesn’t take more than a bit of cuddling and a warm blanket to make it all right.
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