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Are Chihuahua Clothes Really Necessary?

Are Chihuahua Clothes Really Necessary? You’ve seen them on TV.  You’ve seen them in movies.  Chihuahua dogs wearing little outfits, little or Halloween costumes.  Many people have the opinion that buying Chihuahua clothes is something done just for fun or entertainment.

Well, the truth is Chihuahua dogs can be a bit fragile due to their small size.  If you weren’t already aware, their place of origin is Chihuahua, Mexico. So, whether it’s their ancestry or their lack of fur, Chiwawa dogs as a species tend to be cold, a lot!

tan chiwawa in sweater

If your home is air-conditioned, you will likely notice your puppy shaking and shivering at times. Even when the outside weather is warm, your dog may still feel very cold if you place it in an air-conditioned room.

So, warmth and protection from the elements are just a few reasons why you might buy clothes to protect your fur-less friend.  Chihuahua clothes such as a sweater or foot protection can be really helpful in keeping your dog warm and comfy.

There are of course endless options to choose from, but make sure the material is soft and safe be patient when introducing the items to your dog.  We like this one – It is nice and warm for our doggies.
And always take pictures!

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